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Col·labora amb nosaltres!

Treballar amb el grup Transducens pot ser una bona elecció per al vostre treball de fi de grau o màster, o les vostres pràctiques a empreses. Us introduireu en un entorn de treball dinàmic i flexible que us permetrà començar a desenvolupar algunes de les competències necessàries per a poder incorporar-vos posteriorment en equips d’investigació i desenvolupament en tecnologies avançades. Si esteu interessats, teniu una pàgina amb més informació.

The Apertium project accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013

The free/open-source machine translation platform Apertium, originally created by the Transducens group, has been selected again as one of the projects supported by Google in their Google Summer of Code program. Students from around the world can now apply for one of the 5,000 USD grants for working for three months in one of the ideas proposed for the project (check the list of ideas here). Proposals and new ideas can be discused with the mentors in the IRC chanel #apertium in or through the mail-list The next steps will be:

  • From April 9 to April 21: discussion of the ideas with project developers.
  • From April 22 to May 4: submission of proposals.

Interested students can contact with Mikel Forcada.

Transducens group, new partner in the Abu-Matran european project

The Transducens group is one of the parters of the Abu-Matran European project of the Seventh Framework Programme. Abu-Matran is coordinated by Dr. Antonio Toral from the Dublin City University. The consortium is integrated by Dublin City University (Ireland), Prompsit Language Engineering (Spain), Transducens Research Group at Universitat d’Alacant, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Zagreb (Croatia), and Athena Research and Innovation Center in Information Communication & Knowledge Technologies (Greece). The project will be developed during the next four years (2013-2016) and it will fund the collaboration between the company and the academia institutions involved in the project through contracts and secondments. The project is aimed at developing methods for the quick creation of machine translation systems for Croatian (a new member of the EU) and related languages.



Transducens group system for cross-lingual entailment, the second best performing in SemEval 2012

The system presented by the researchers of Transducens group Miquel Esplà-Gomis, Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, and Mikel L. Forcada, was the second best system in the cross-lingual textual entailiment (CLTE) for English-Spanish task according to the ranking published for the task 8 of SemEval 2012. CLTE is a natural language processing open problem which consists of detecting semantic entailment relations between texts written in different languages. The system presented by the Transducens’ researches uses a multiclass classifier informed by features obtained from machine translation.

Eleven grants from Google for the Apertium project

The free/open-source machine translation platform Apertium, originally created by the Transducens group, has been selected again by the Google Summer of Code initiative. This summer, eleven students from several countries around the world (out of the 1,200 total students participating in the programme) will get a grant of 5,000 USD from Google to work for Apertium for three months. In addition, two members of Transducens (Francis Tyers and Mikel L. Forcada) will participate in this edition of Google Summer of Code as mentors of some of these students.